Best (& Easy) Tool/API to Create Android Games

Hi Friends,
I am part of Android Developer Community for a year now. Last year I was just a beginner but still ended up doing good (Thanks to Airpush and LeadBolt & Google’s Notification Compliance).
This year, story is altogether different. Almost got banned by Google due to using Airpush (Few High Performing apps were removed from Play - I don’t know why because I was not using notification in them and was using new Airpush Google Complaint SDK).

Anyhow, I am creating my android empire once more. Playing safe with apps idea & using only Admob as advertiser.

I now want to try my hands in simple to create yet engaging Android Games (Like Hangman or similar) that do not require major graphics or coding but are still fun and engaging. I am not sure if Flappy Bird comes in this category or not.

What I want to know is -
What are the best Tools/API that can help in creating Beginner/Moderate level of Android Apps?
I have heard about AndEngine / Unity3D and many other API’s/Frameworks but not sure which way to lead.
Any guidance will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

You should try libGDX.

+1 for libGdx

Thanks dbest and hackformore. Will try this tool for sure.

construct 2 is awesome and no coding required you can also monetize using any ad network.