Best current CPI advertiser?

Hey guys can you recommend me any REALLY good networks in this time where I can set up a campaign and just have to pay per install? Maybe CPC would work better but I wanna try CPI first.

Thanks in advance, Alex

Appbrain is a hugely popular choice for cpi. Ive played with facebook ads for cpc but their bids are going higher and higher.

i would second that motion. 20 cents per free app install seems like a bargain with the rising cost of FB mobile ad CPI

If I may add, I have tried CPC campaigns several times, they were a disaster. For me only CPI from now on.

Also, what about Opera and Mobango, they have 0.03$ and 0.05$ per download.

Guess most users that download would install the app.

if you use opera or mobango, even if your app gets downloaded many times its not useful,because it wont improve your gp rating.

In case the paid downloads gets you more $ (via ads or in-app purchase) than you spent, it is profitable.

those will give you downloads from opera and mobango, not google play.

I know that. What is wrong with that except it doesn’t increase the download count there ?
The price is really great, what I am afraid is if the numbers they give us are real.

Oh sh’t I just realized, that CPI advertising for paid apps is not popular. Why is that? I mean, even on paid apps it makes sense for both developers AND advertisers.

Are there any CPI for paid ???

Generally people will market the Lite/Trial/Ads version, which leads to the full version from that app/game.