Best CPC Network What's your opinion

Hi,I was browsing for best cpc network for my android app and came across few list.I would like to know if any one tried these network and what’s your opinion?

Here are list

1 . Admob

  1. mMedia

  2. Adfonic

  3. Chartboost

  4. Aditic

  5. Admoda

  6. Flurry

  7. Hunt

  8. InMobi

  9. Jumptap

  10. Madvertise

  11. Mobfox

  12. MobPartner

  13. MoPub

  14. Mojiva

  15. Smaato

Out of these 16 CPC ad network which is better?Also which model is best for publisher to monetize app CPI,CPC, CPM

Any one?need your opinion its urgent

My experience:

Admob - 8/10 - Nearly always competitive rates, payments on time, lack of person-to-person support.

mMedia - 4/10 - Used to be ok, rates are poor now and net65 is bad.

InMobi - 2/10 Competitive rates, but banned my without notice or reason when 1st payment was due. (been contacted by a rep and might be getting it sorted out, but still). Also net60 is bad.

For publishers CPC. For advertisers CPI

Admob has been the best paying so far.