Best CPC ad network

I’m using admob and others ad networks, I have proved several networks.
But the best CPC network is admob, for me at the moment. I’m searching for another network with an acceptable CPC.
I want to ask you which ad network have a decent CPC in banners. The next I want to try is mopub, but I’m little boried of try with no good results.
Thank you in advance.

Top 50 Mobile Advertising Platforms in 2013

I’ve already seen that list. I want personal experiences and CPC so high as admob.
For example in that list there is inmobi that others users say they don’t pay well.

How many impressions do you generate? and What is the geography of your users?

36.000 impressions/day and the users are mainly in America and Spain, the audience is spanish-speaker.

The geography is like mine. I have eCPM of 1.4$ and 99.98% fillrate, and there is no other banner adnetwork which pays to you this ecpm. 1 click cost 10 cents almost… so admob is the best CPC network for you. 36k is not so much, so say if you could generate 100k/day then you could use as a backup some other adNetworks, for now I wouldnt bother myself in your case.

I’d like to keep on with admob but the problem is they banned my app. So I need another decent network.

Daler, can u explain a bit more your stats ( %CTR, refresh rate , number of impresions, etc ) and ur Admob config ( google Adsense fill ? any filter for the banners ? Using ecpm floor mediation ? )

I have your same spanish-speaker audience ( Spain and South America ) but my stats with Admob are way lower than yours, with a eCPM arround 0.15-0.20 wich is 7-8 times lower than yours :eek:
Any tip or suggestion is welcome ! Ty !

My geography is not Spanish people. It is USA(60%), UK, Russia, Germany, Canada, Australia… All my settings are by default, I did not start using floor mediation yet. The CTR is 1.5%-2%, with 1k impressions/day, and refresh rate is 50 sec. I turned off adult ads only from admob. And yes, google adsense is on.

Maybe you have too many impressions, that’s why it is lower.

Oh sorry i misunderstood. It seems english-speaker countries are getting almost the whole revenue pie.
Anyways, 1k impressions/day is quite low to make statistics !

I will work on better geotargeting for my next app!

Btw, are u guys sending user/location data to Admob ? Or just have it working with basic internet permissions?

After more tests I have done I could say that the second network that better pays for click is millenialmedia. The first is admob
For sure I have not test many ad networks but many others yes like mobfox, inneractive, leadbolt.
In adition the difference between mmedia and admob is huge. Admob is the king in CPC banners with no real competitors.
Also I’m sad for that. I hope your replies for a real admob alternative.
Anyway I’m still looking for and I have pending adfonic and mojiva and soon I’ve got the results.

Basic permissions only generates high revenues, at least for me.