Best before bottled beer information

Is it just me?

When you buy bottled beer often it says “ best before see neck of the bottle”

So you look at the neck of the bottle. Can’t see anything. Turn it round and round until you see some small inky lettering. Hold it up to a naked light bulb until you can try and make it out, not helped by the background of the beer itself and make a best guess what the date is

Maybe it’s just me and my failing eyesight but surely this is unacceptable.

As a consequence I only buy beer where the best before date is printed on the label itself.

I completely understand your frustration with trying to decipher the “best before” date on some bottled beers. It can indeed be quite challenging, especially if the text is small and hard to see. It’s not just you; many people have faced similar issues. To avoid this inconvenience, it’s a wise choice to opt for beers that have the best before date printed on the label itself, as you mentioned.
If you’re looking for a reliable source to purchase such beers with clear labeling, you might want to check out They offer a variety of options and often provide detailed product information, including the best before dates, which can be a helpful reference when making your selection.