Best Ads Networks Implementation To Avoid Money lost in case of app removal | Suspend

Hello Friends,

I am Android Developer for several years. I have been experienced at least 5 times of Google Play Developer Account Suspended and countless time of app removal for many reasons. After the app removal or account suspended, Ads Revenue for these account will go to Zero when Admob is the only Ads Networks or still signicantly reduces in case of using secondary ads networks such as Startapp or MobileCore…The money lost when Account is suspended or app is removed is unavoidable, but i have been seeking the the best Solution to Avoid the money lost. Today, I am decide to share my current Best Strategy to handle this bad but common situation with many Developers. I also hope to receive your solutions in this case. The core key of the Solution is:

  • Admob is the main Ads Network when App or Account is Live on Google Play

  • Mobilecore and Startapp are the Alternative when App or Account is suspended.

  • Ads Id & Publisher Id of these Ads Networks are dynamically loaded so I can change without app update later( May be i Need this in the futures)

  • When App is Live, the following Ads Type is shown based on Admob & Adsense Policies: Ads Banner, Full Screen Ads(Interstitial)

  • When app or account is removed, the following ads type may be shown: Ads Banner & Fullscreen Ads of Startapp or Mobilecore, Splash Ads of Startapp, Sticker Ads of MobileCore, BackPress Ads of Startapp or MobileCore, other Ads Types or Position if posible. Please note that: When App is removed, Adsense Policies will not affected your Ads Implimentation anymore, so choose my own way to show the Ads, as long as Ads is not aggressive, so users still use the app.

  • Dynamically Choose Which Ads Network, Ads Type, Ads Positions are shown without updating the app. For example, Interstitial Ads can be changed from Admob to Startapp or Mobilecore at anytime you want, …This is very useful for me.

Here is the detail of my solution:

  1. When Admob Fail to Load Ads, then Load Startapp || Mobilecore as alternative for this Ads.
  2. Basing on Flags to choose Ads Networks for Banner or Interstitial Ads. So I can choose Admob or Startapp or Mobilecore Ads to show Banner & Interstitial.
  3. Ads Id & Publisher Id of these Ads Networks are dynamically loaded so I can change without app update later( May be i Need this in the futures)
  4. When app is removed: Basing on Flags, Banner & Interstitial of Startapp & MobileCore, Sticker ads of Mobilecore, Backpress Ads of Startapp or MobileCore and Splash Ads from Startapp if possible.

Please note that, not all above Ads type of Startapp and mobilecore are shown when app is removed from Google Play. Ads should be Non-aggressive so that users will not uninstall the app.

Why doing all these stuff…try to make app which follows Google guidelines…:slight_smile: …You will never get banned by doing like this…

@NokiaDev, Hello, As you said App is straightly following Google Guidelines. But I think a Fail-safe strategy is also very important.

I totally agree with your strategy, but using Startapp over Appnext? You must be joking…

Mobile Core are good, I agree. But Startapp is far behind Appnext and others (Avocarrot, Mobvista) in terms of revenue. You need to look into more networks, my friends :smiley:

How much did you earn by all these policy violation apps? Why not develop legitimate apps?

Guys there are twitter and Facebook ads those are more profitable than networks mentioned above :wink:

Nice tips! The for sharing!

I am not aware of twitter ads. Can you share more details on it, i.e. ad format, payment term?

How much eCpm you are getting from FAN and your user geos…Please share…I am thinking of integrating FAN in my app…

Twitter ads? Do you mean MoPub?

I agree. The best way to keep from getting banned is to follow the rules.