Best ad service with filter about type of ad

Hello guys!
I have two app with two different type of users… one had users 12-18 years old and another 19+ (university range)…
Now i’m using AdMob but for my app of young people i would like to use some interestial that show game ad!

Now i’m testing adbuddiz but the payment is very very low (i haven’t a lot of users but vs AdMod is very low)…

What service do you suggest to use?
AdMob have good simple banner but nothing about interestial with some game (good for the first app)…


No one can help?

Use a mediation platform like AppoDeal or AdinCube maybe?

Don’t know them… i’m pretty new in the ad service and payments…
They are a unique sdk for ad?

They are good and affidable?

Yeah search the forum, there’s a lot of information here.

Thanks, but this forum had a lot of spam with this two society :slight_smile:
I will try!

Check out the list of networks and mediation networks that are supported by Enhance.
What network performs well for one person, doesn’t always work for the other.

With Enhance, you can try out these different networks in just a few clicks and find that network that works best for you!

For more info, follow the link :

Good Luck!