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Hello guys, newbie talking here…I’ve seen and done my research on many ad companys…all i know is that SA and LB are the “good ones”.Im about to launch an app, and we know for sure the first week we’ll have thousands of downloads…but which ad should we integrate for alot of audience? Only banner and interstitial ads.and how much should you expect for every 10,000 downloads?.

LeadBolt are not “one of the good ones”.

How much you make per 10k installs with interstitials and banners depends entirely on location of users, engagement level, ad placement and frequency and what type of users you have.
Without that data your revenue could be anywhere between $10-$250 per 10k installs.

Thanks for the reply, and what do you mean by engagement level?

Engagement is how often a user interacts with your app and how long they stay in a specific activity, which has a significant impact on monetization strategies. Games are high-engagement so you can serve interstitials or banners in multiple locations. Most utility apps are low-engagement because people only use them for one or two things, which might only be necessary once a month. This means a lot less impressions than a game would get, so your only other compliant options for monetizing are IAPs or the few remaining ppd units.

However, personalization apps are the exception (as I found out the hard way). Launchers, lockscreen apps, wallpapers, and widgets are possibly the highest engagement of all apps because the user sees them everytime they turn on their device. But where are you going to show interstitials or banners? Users will start a riot in their reviews if u put them on the desktop or lockscreen, so you’re left with the preferences menu that people open maybe twice. If you have a lot of downloads the impressions do add up, but without sales or ppd units those installs are basically worthless unless u can get them back to that settings menu multiple times. That’s why most successful personalization apps have a paid version with more features and no ads

Thanks for the reply app has to do with videos.many videos that many people will be watching. (Its not like youtube ) is it possible to make an interstitial ad pop up every time someone want to see a video first?

I would actually go with something like Vungle and have a video ad pre-roll before playing the video. This will piss of all your users by the way, but it will sure as hell make you some cash.

In your case I would just put an interstitial or a video ad somewhere like on-launch of the app.

Hey Guys,

We just released our light weight SDK which contains video interstitials (very similar to pre roll), In case any of you are interested in utilizing this ad unit.

some quick highlights of AerServ:

  • high performing video interstitial ad unit and in app banners
  • light weight SDK or VAST tag integration
  • Guaranteed $ 3 CPM for all US traffic.
  • net 30 pay (working towards net 7)
  • up to $250 sign up bonus (limited time)

Please PM if you have any questions!

Thanks guys.

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