Best ad network in Google Play

Hi, I have an app (not a game) in Google Play with lot of downloads daily but I have been banned in this app from Admob. Which other ad network could I use in Google Play without having problems with Google?

How did you get banned, if you don’t mind me asking? :slight_smile:

There are so many networks out there with the potential to be the network for you. The issue is finding it. Integrating a network to find out its not good takes up a lot of valuable time.

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Good luck!

I have the same question. Could it be that your ad mediation service was sending too many requests? AdMob started restrictions to a max of 3 a few weeks ago.
The company I work foradjusted to comply with this.
AdNetworks are ever changing. They seem to never stop.

Same case here, need an Admob alternative.

Well, there are lots of ad networks out there. Each one specializes in different ad types and geographies. When it comes to picking one I woukd strongly recommend Google AdMob or maybe you can go for the others like, millenial media, chartboost etc.

Instead of choosing one network, you can always partner with a mediation platform that gives you access to all the networks via one SDK. Check out Appodeal’s website and if you’re interested in hearing more, submit a demo request with my name and I’ll email you tomorrow.

Hi :slight_smile:
As some of the responses below say, one of the best methods for efficient app monetization is an ad mediation platform.
While connecting to at least one mediation platform with a single SDK integration you will get an access to hundreds of direct advertisers and networks and earn $$$ with a good demand.
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