best ad network for UK .. mobilecore

i have been using mobilecore since 3 weeks, my game got some traffic from UK and here’s my stats (in their dashboard you can know your stats for each country so these stats are only for UK)
impressions 420
clicks 92
ctr 21.9%
revenue 187$
mobilecore pays per install not per click but if we calculate it per click then i’m getting 2$ from each click from UK
don’t forget that not all clicks are converted to installs so they pay higher than 2$ per install from UK
if you have good traffic in UK then mobilecore is the best option for interstitial ads…

note: i just wanted to share my experience with them you don’t have to sign up using my referral link…

I think the 420 must be 420K :slight_smile:

if not, mobilecore is the best !

no its 420, impressions doesn’t matter, what matter is how much they pay per install

Thanks for the feedback guys :slight_smile:

It’s important for us to be transparent, during the last few weeks we had exceptionally good campaigns in the UK.
Those campaigns come and go, but the results mentioned are indeed very high.

If you wish to get a live update on the current trends in different GEOs, feel free to contact us and we’ll provide the numbers.


I will definitely try your ad network when you offer a totally in-app SDK.

Great stats you have there.
Can you please tell us how are you implementing this on your game(ad placement, etc)?

420 impressions and 187$ ? :expressionless: Impossible :smiley:
I opened mobilcore account and try it too :stuck_out_tongue:

its not impossible , what is seem impossible is 187$ from 92 clicks but it happens
number of impressions in my game is 2/3 of total users and placed well so people think they are part of the game and not ads

This is what I am doing now :wink: build in ads in app/game so people thinks ads are part of it :smiley:

Lol, I think I won’t sleep this night…

probably you can sleep today and use their clean sdk which is going to be released tomorrow.

That’s nice, thanks for letting me know and saving my time :smiley:

What ad format are you using ? Their slider or interstitial ?


I still don’t understand…are they paying per install? or per clicks?

If they are paying per install and you only use intertitials (for example)…do they pay the same to the users showing intertitials 1-2 times a day at app launch, than the users showing the intertitials every time at app launch?

or do they pay per install if you use the icon ad and per click using interstitials?

If i understand correctly, its a like a CPA network (cost per action). In this scenario, it works on pay per install basis but its all tied down to CPM so you don’t know what was the original PPI rate. Say, they are showing ads for candy crush saga which typically pays for around $1.25++ per install so if you get those installs they will give you a revshare but in the form of eCPM rather than per conversion.

Its a bit difficult to understand if you have never worked in affiliate marketing

forget about the icon ad, they will remove them because of the new policy, for the offer wall they pay per install but installs are not shown in the dashboard, they show only clicks which not all of them will be converted to installs so if i get 2$ per click from usa (as i see in the dashboard) then im actually get more than 2$ from each install (from UK) and thats great if you compare it to other ad networks.

i didnt understand anything :slight_smile: