Best ad network for temple run game like

Hello guys, I have a game coming up from being fully developed and my team just asked what ad network I want to implement?..

So my question is what would be the best for analytic (check downloads/users etc)

Which ad network to use for these type of games?

This game is for ios and maybe later could be for playstore.

Ive heard good things about chartboost for games?

Should I only use int.? Or combine it with banners?

Should I use interstitial from one ad network and banner from another?

Any ideas/tips would be highly appreciated

dude, you are asking for things that were discussed 2984234 times on this forum. Why you just won’t search for it? There is a question for best ad network almost on every threads page in Advertising Methods

PS Noone will tell you that. There’s no one good answer for that questions. There may be only free suggestions.

There is still no magic formula which works for every game :slight_smile:

If you are in doubt go with the market leaders - analyse your app usage and optimize your ad strategy upon this data.

But to be honest, most of this data is useless as long as you don’t have enough active users … and if you finally have loads of active users it’s not very important which ads you use, as long as you can satisfy your fillrate :smiley: