Best ad network for Spain, Asia and Middle-east?


We have a successful app that suddenly got a LOT of downloads in countries like Myanmar(Burma), India, Thailand and Iran. We actually got 100.000 active users in Iran at the moment, but since AdMob blocks Iran then we have no ad income here. Do anyone know of any good ad networks that works in these areas? Previously we have used MoPub, Inner-active, InMobi, MobFox and MMedia but we always end up back with AdMob due to various SDK bugs.

Currently with AdMob the eCPM in these countries are below half of the average eCPM. Also in Spain we see very low eCPM but that can maybe be blamed on their economy? Or do any of you have a good eCPM in Spain? UK, US and German have all good eCPMs with AdMob.

I would like to invite you to try our network… We have 100+ global ad sources including 65+ ad networks and 20+ DSP’s bidding on our exchange… We have good ad inventory available for Asia and Middle East… Feel free to PM me if you need more info

The same question here, I need a new ad network for russian too.

We (appnext) work in these areas. We have offer in every country around the globe, including tier 4 countries like Mianmar, Iran, as well as tier 1/2/3 countries (like Russia). That, plus our unique interstitial is what makes us the provider of a very high eCPM today, and not only in the US.
I’d be happy to elaborate. Write me to [email protected] to chat some more, or via PM here.


Hello kepasa,
Appwiz is a great Ad Network for all kind of traffic sources, we pay per download and revenue share on in App ads!
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Startapp :cool:

Yes, startapp is one of the best. Check my revenue below

Startapp,airpush and admob are decent…

Hello @kepasa! Have a look at Pollfish. Pollfish provides a new innovative monetization option for mobile app developers, delivering surveys instead of ads. Global and localised surveys run though the platform in several languages offering minimal intrusion and high payouts!