Best Ad Network for iOS?

I know this forum is skewed toward Android so I may get flamed here but anywho

One of my apps was making ok coffee money on Admob and iAD combo (20k requests, 15-18k impressions $20/day) but Admob decided to stop serving ads to my app. iAd’s eCPM is ridiculously low (15k requests, 10k impression daily at eCPM $0.06).

I then switched to Startapp to use its Interstitial and Banner ads and still use iAd for banners. Startapp was great at first ($15-$20/day on 4-5k impressions, not sure how they count impressions but it is significantly lower than iAd or Admob) but now the eCPM has dropped so much I’m barely making any money. My app has about 700-800 daily active users and 200-300 daily downloads with no marketing. It used be higher before the Admob incident. My users are mainly from the US, Eastern Europe, India and the Middle East

I’m looking for a high paying, reliable ad network covering world wide to switch. Do you guys have any recommendation?

Has anyone had experience with Amazon Mobile Ads iOS API? Please share your experience.

No need to worry about posting related to iOS here. Primarily the forum is for making money. Already so much Vietnam spam here on forum.
I have read on black hat forum and how to make mobile game forums that admob and Chartboost are the best for iOS period

Thanks for the reply. I agree Admob is the best for iOS. I was making more and more money everyday with Admob until they decided to block my app. I wonder if I can create new Ad unit and integrate to my app again or my app is basically on their black list.

My app is not a game, it is a utility app that people can use everyday. I think chartboost is more for game apps. Any other options? Thanks

Hello @iDev, you can also have a look at Pollfish :slight_smile: Pollfish can be a great supplementary source of revenue on top of the ad solutions you are already using! If you need more info just drop me an email at [email protected]. I will be happy to help!

  1. Vungle is good if u want to show Video ads (paid on per completed video view)

  2. MobileCore is coming out with beta sdk for iOS. If deemed suitable, register using my referral link and send an email to their support/account manager, send a screenshot of your past earnings from admob etc and ask for similar ecpm + bonus.

  3. Revmob used to be good for iOS but now they are shit.

  4. Also post this question on iphonedev sdk forum iPhone Dev SDK - iOS Developer Forums

Try out Appodeal. They have an iOS SDK now, too.

I´m using it on Android and I´m really impressed until now. Everything works fine, they offer daily payouts with Wired Transfers, PayPal and even Bitcoin!

Appodeal is a Mediation Network with over 10+ Partner Networks integrated. The best thing is, you only have to register for AppoDeal, not like with many other Mediation Platforms on each Partner Network itself!

This is a screenshot from the dashboard. They pay really decent money compared to other networks.

You can take a look at their offer HERE