Best ad-network for Argentina


I noticed that large portion of my traffic comes from Argentina. Do you have any suggestion for
traffic from Argentina? I’m currently using Admob. I have interstitials and banners on my apps.

Have you tried app-brain? they seem to have nice earnings.

Try MobileCore… They are performing better with me.

Hi MrPrasa,

At Airpush we have a dedicated ad sales team for LATAM, and have plenty of inventory with solid CPMs and fill rates.
Our 360 abstract ads are highly engaging to users, and we have some high quality brand campaigns coming down the pipeline.
Check out our demo site here at Airpush Publisher Demo

PM me if you want to chat further.
Airpush Nick

Try Airpush interstitials and Notifymob banners.

Hey MrPrasa,

You should try out Supersonic’s interstitials. Quality users in South America and eCPM starts at $3. Message me if you want to use our new sign ups promotion and get $120 credit :slight_smile:

adtomatik is a best online adnetworks in Argentina it would be of great help.