Best Ad Mediation Networks 2016?

Hello Everyone,

I am working on an NON Gaming app (I am not the developer) and would like to know which ad mediation networks are working best for you

(1) MoPub, AdMob, Appodeal, or any other? which one of these have more fill rates and are better revenue generators?

(2) Can I use a combination of MoPub, AdMob, Appodeal? Are there any downsides to doing that?

(3) Each ad mediation layer supports multiple ad networks, can I pick and choose what ad network I user for what kind of ad?
For example if I use MoPub, can I use Start app for interstiatials, Vungle for videos and AdMob for banner ads? And can I also change it later based on the results.

Please let me know what you think from your experience


I also have non gaming apps, along with simple brain games.

I currently use MoPub, and that was real torture to integrate with them, it took me quite a long time just to manage waterfalls of impressions in different ad networks. So you have to manage all these things manually and correct it from time to time (i could use my time more efficiently). And even though i had my revenue grow after i switched from a regular ad network, i’m not happy with their tools. Plus they don’t have rewarded video ad format, which could be very useful.

I never used AdMob, but my point is that this is one of the oldest mediation, so it is like an old style thing.

I heard a lot about Appodeal and I am going to try it in nearest time. They have variety of cool progressive things like automatic optimization and automated waterfalls: their system choose the most successful ad networks or RTB’s and types of ads they show and put them in priority list. Also there is “segments” thing where you can choose what type of ads you show and to whom you show them, or you can choose not to show ads to users who make an in-app purchase and so on – i find it very useful! Plus they avoid 2nd price auction unfairness. Appodeal is already a combination of all these MoPubs, AdMobs and different ad networks, and RTB’s. My friends had their revenue doubled with Appodeal. I hope i’ll have same results))

Good luck!

I think it’s better to use a combination of MoPub, AdMob, Appodeal