Basic questions about Mediation with AdMob

Hey everyone, I am a beginner with mediation. I have spent some time looking for info on the web and this forum but there are still things unclear to me. So, sorry if they are noob questions! Let’s say they might help other people to learn about mediation :rolleyes:

  1. Code wise, does mediation require to add code in the app, or can I just use the AdMob sdk in the app and in the AdMob web interface set up the mediation?

  2. I want to use mediation to improve ecpm of my ads (so far I have default settings for admob… ~20000 daily impressions and ecpm of $0.2… sucks) So I would like to prioritize the ad networks that delivers the best results for my ads. Now in the mediation settings, how can I detect which ad network is the most efficient, or the top 5 that are the most efficient?

Thanks for your help!

  1. You do not need any special code
  2. The efficiency of ad networks depends on many factors so it is hard to tell “this 5 are the best”

My experience (with the new admob):

  • mobfox and mdotm mediation does not work (I see requests but did not get a single ad served)
  • appbrain works
  • house ad works (the fill rate was very low at first (5%) but as times passes it seems to rise)

Thanks for your feedback. Sorry I was not clear : I am not looking for the “best 5 ad networks ever” :wink: but rather the way to get the data to determine which are the top 5 ad networks for my ads.

When you switch from using regular Admob Site/App for your banner ad (you use a Admob App ID in your app) to using Admob Mediation, you have to use the Admob Mediation ID instead of the APP ID you were using earlier.

That is the ONLY change required at the app/code level.

The other changes relate to setting up the Admob Mediation on the Admob Developer Console.

Coming back to my initial questions, it seems I have to integrate in my app the SDK of each ad network I want to use in mediation. Is it correct? It’s a lot of work, I’m happy doing it if needed, but if it is not needed and I am mistaken, I don’t want to waste my time :slight_smile:

Thanks, it looks like it is only possible to do in the old AdMob version, or did I miss something? I can easily find the mediation settings of an existing ad unit in the new interface, but I didn’t find a way to create a ad unit with mediation ID

Ok, answering my own question, it might help other mediation padawan :slight_smile:

In a nutshell, to be able to use mediation, you must do:

in new admob console :

  1. use the unit ID, unlike old conseole where banner id and mediation id were 2 different things. In the new console, it’s the same thing.
  2. set up a ecpm slightly higher than default admob, you first goal is to accumulate data and then prioritize most efficient ones.

in your app : add a jar/sdk + update manifest for each new adnetwork