Banners auto-redirect user to the play store: let's find the culprit

Starting last week, I have been receiving a lot of complaints from users (mostly from US) that are redirected to a Play Store page without having touched any banner.:mad:
This is obviously unacceptable so I’m looking for the culprit ASAP (which is quite hard without logs and without a way to reproduce).

I have faced the same problem in the past, and the culprit was always InMobi. This time, the timing matches with the addition of a new ad network, the MoPub marketplace, so I’m not sure.
Maybe we can identify to guilty ad network together, if any of you has been warned about a similar issue in his apps, please post the list of networks you use.

The ones I use in my waterfall (only banners):

  • AdMob (I think they are reliable)
  • Mmedia
  • InMobi
  • MoPub
  • Amazon Mobile Ads

I’ve noticed it in my apps a year ago - but it happened only once. I use adMob, MoPub, MMedia and Amazon. I think it was caused by MoPub at that time. If you know the banner you can search for it on MoPub and block it (also share the info, I will block it too if it is really caused by MoPub).

My problem is that I have never been able to reproduce this kind of issue on my test devices.

The fraudulent campaigns are usually designed to trigger auto-redirect only on certain ranges of IPs.