Banner refresh rate

What value do you use ?

I switched on admob from 30s to 60s but the results are about the same (# of impression is halved but the # of clicks is about the same).

Just use 120 sec (or if you want to try 60 sec) - in either case it won’t matter much to revenue. There are a number of threads here on this subject and the issue has I think been decided:

  • basically it doesn’t matter what the refresh rate is since the “eyeball time” is the same, so overall it should not affect much on conversion rate (to first degree of approximation - there maybe second degree affects that more ads shown maybe some ad which sticks - but then this countered by each shown for less time etc.).

Some folks have reported that switching to 60 seconds has helped them - but I have not seen any great statistically significant change either way (perhaps if you have millions of impressions per day you could say with better certainty about the role of secondary effects). For the most part people have tried and see not much affect.

HOWEVER if you set it to 30 seconds or something very small, there is a likelihood that the banner ad is not given enough time to download and so “airtime” as a percentage of total time maybe reduced.

So the guidelines so far on this issue is to use 120 seconds, or 60 seconds. Some folks go so far as to use never refresh - i.e. each user sees only one banner ad the whole time.

This relates to the theory here on this forum that higher performance for each ad will tend to get you “better ads” (or better paying ads) from Admob. If this is the case then there maybe a slight advantage to choosing a longer refresh rate.

Another thing to be careful about is if your users are rapidly moving between activities - and each activity screen update leads to a fresh Admob banner ad being requested/shown, that will impact the “airtime” for ads. So ideally you should try to structure your app so that the SAME banner ad gets shown - either by keeping same activity on most of the time, or using the new “Fragments” approach (I don’t know much about it) which keeps the admob banner ad in place while other views are changed etc.

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Thank you, a very nice summary!