Banner ads..

banner ad network. not admob and startapp banner ecpm very very low this month. please any best alternative network


You could try AirPush or SendDroid.
Just avoid inMobi. They banned my account without notice when my first payment was due and are now giving me the run around.

I second that for airpush banners, still pretty good . as to your inmobi problem - i feel your pain:( i made about $250 with them then they didn’t pay me because the app that made most of the money was not live on the Play Store when payment was due. It was live on other stores and still is but according to 2 rep i talked to they can’t issue payment. Just avoid inmobi

You are welcome with open arms on SendDroid.

Feel free to contact me directly [email protected]

Yeah I’m due about $2000 from them and they closed my account without notice. After contacting them they said they are contacting their “internal department” as to why I was suspended. 11 days later and I’m still waiting. I have no idea why they closed my account, since the app is totally legit & has been live throughout the account use and still is. CTR and eCPMs have been pretty average the entire time too.
They better have a very good reason or apologize for a major mess up.
Either way, avoid them like you said. Net60 is impractical anyway.

Senddroid Banners DO NOT work, their SDK is currently broken.