Banner ads on Preference Activity (Not Admob) Anyone ?

i would like to know if anyone successful on adding banner ads from ad network other than Admob in preference activity as in tutorial Android Admob advert in PreferenceActivity - Stack Overflow .I tried adding notifymob but i doesn’t show.Have anyone tried this ? Please do share tutorial in this thread .

This is the solution Android Admob advert in PreferenceActivity - Stack Overflow

Edit: Sorry I mean admob and not notifymob.

Hi,yeah i know it works for admob :slight_smile: .But my question is have anyone tried this implementation on other ad networks banner ads?

I have used it with mobfox.

Tried before with other ad networks, it works.

Can you share working code.And may i know which network?

Anyone can you share the code and which ad network other than admob shows in preference activity?

Well, nope still haven’t tried integrating will different ad network as I am happy with the admob !


Others Please do reply if you tried with other ad network .