Banned because Airpush SmartWall

Today 2 apps of mine with 2 million downloads was banned because Airpush Smart wall ads. The users can´t close the popup and google banned my apps :frowning:
This is really bad.

Anyone with this problem?

A question, because it has been an issue of Airpush and not the way I was using the ads can I reverse this situation?

Dev account terminated ?

no it´s not.

The airpush team is working on it. But the problem still. The users cant close the wall ad.

Is it SDK related or is it server side ?

Server side. They fixed the issue. But I lose 2 games with 2m downloads. I tried to appel but as usually Google dont care.
Thats it, dont have nothing that I can do now.

couple days ago, here was a thread, some people were telling, that their apps were banned because of airpush. If you saw, you should have changed.

airpush is unprofessional these days, and many pepople lost their apps because of them

Geez, that’s scary. Sounds like it’s best to avoid Airpush for now? Maybe they’re on Google’s watch list because they used to do push notifications?

I reported some bad ads* to their support about a month ago and the ads are still there… they don’t care shit

*bad ads: non complaint ads, impersonating system notifications or “virus infections”

I don’t see these ads in my apps and all my smartwall ads close just fine, Use airpush on all 20 of my accounts and no bans here.

Hi everyone,

We are aware of these temporary issues on the ad units and have already made necessary corrections.
Any bad ad types that previously appeared have already been removed and advertisers banned. If you are still getting any, PM me and I will deal with it.

Airpush Nick

I just had this ad pop-up on one of my application. It doesn’t have a close button. I think its a clear violation of google’s policy. What do you think ?

That seems a “dialog ad”, I recommend that you turn off from the Airpush dasboard.

remove airpush for a while, then you will regret, when you app will get banned.

@AirpushNick, everytime you say that it is fixed, we don’t have any problem now. But everytime we see new screenshots.

Obviously, her job is to say that, all is well and there is no problem.

And if necessary tell a lie whatever it takes, no nick?

Hey guys,

We are aware of these temporary concerns and have made the appropriate corrections.
We are working to improve our processes to ensure that inappropriate ads are not leaked through, being 100% truthful.

Airpush Nick