Bank requesting invoices - any chance to get these?


my Bank account manager just called me in order to inform me, that he needs invoices for my airpush and leabolt earnings.

I have not found an option to print an invoice or something else, so I am asking if anyone has been in the same situation and how to solve it?

Do ad networks offer invoices?


I dont see any problem for them to print out the invoice. Email to your networks. What’s your country? Why would the bank need invoice…


I’ve already mailed them. I’m from Germany, and I guess the law tells the bank to verify that there are no “illegal” transactions are going on.
Since the amount of some payments was over 5k, I can understand that action.


I am from india , and i was in the same situation an year ago, when I asked leadbolt then they provided me an invoice , but bank denied it , and then they asked to provide an invoice that was issued by me. If you want I can mail you that invoice , just PM me your email id.

hi I am from India too…My bank has not asked me for invoice yet…but just in case…
can you mail me too.PM sent…thanks

Actually , when you have a new new current account , and you want to recieve a wire transfer , then most of the private sector bank ask for invoices till 6 months , after you have submitted 6 invoices you can receive wire transfer without any invoice.