Bad startup with Admob why?

Issue has benn fixed

re admob

How many months are you using admob without verifying your pin? it appears you did not verify it for over 6months

I have just started using admob lately But my adsense account is kind of old (more than 3 years)

This is my admob status


5 Games and 2 educational applications

How many daily users do you have? It’s possible to earn only a few cents from such a low amount of impressions.

Well if Admob is telling you that your ads aren’t displaying, then there’s the problem.
Enter the PIN when you get it and go from there.

On a side note, you will need at least a few thousand ad impressions before you can analyse how your traffic is performing.

I don’t know, i’m new to Admob

The problem is why i’m not getting downloads in my lucky day i get one or two downloads ???

I have installed the games on my phone the ads are displaying correctly

If your downloads are that low then there is nothing wrong with Admob, but with the quality of your Apps. Verifying your PIN is only for receiving payment, as far as I know.

As i said i have invested money and time on those games because i believe in quality, for example the last game i have published is too way better in graphics and sounds than the number 1 ranked app on its category which has more than 500k downloads … i don’t really know whats the matter i start thinking that it might some kind of bad luck !!!

I see. My sincerest condolences.

THIS is the most important problem.

Have you guys witnessed the same problem ? i mean how was your start ? did you wait long until you get your first $$ ??

My start was surprisingly good. Within a week of my first app I was already making 2eur per day. I never expected it to be as fast but I think the nature of the app (radios) is good for a cpm based network.

Could you kindly share your app Google Play landing page? Let’s investigate what’s missing.

I am interested in why you only get $0.x estimated revenue. It’s impossible from my experience.

Have you even advertised your ads?

Here is the GP main page


I have contacted Admobe and here is what they say :

After consulting your AdMob account, the reasons why you haven’t generating any revenues is because ads are currently not showing because the period to verify your address with the PIN code has expired.

So the problem is with my account being not verified

But I’m still worried about my Google Play download status !!!

If you’re not getting downloads in Google Play it is simply because your app is not being found by users or that your store listing is not attractive enough. Nothing wrong with your Google Play account.

Can you link to your apps?

I’m aware about this, my games are not so stupid and i use high quality icons, good description …

I think I’m rushing a little bit the results because GP take some take to give accurate statistics.

Now Admobe extended my activation period hopefully i will get some results

Link to his games and apps:
EDIT: I removed the link after a request from the author.

You need to work on your quality and especially originality. Your games remind me of the first Android games in 2008. Nothing worth to download here.