Bad Experience with NativeX!

So let me tell you my story…

We’re currently in the development of our latest game and we were looking after advertising companies who offer native ads. We found Nativex. Their services seemed pretty great. So we contacted them on Aug 4 , we wanted to set up some native ads (since we care a lot about our UX). So they said that they’re gonna contact me in the upcoming days. (which doesn’t happened) I sen’t them 2 more emails… no responses.

Honestly I don’t recommend them… their costumer service / support is awful.

So we’re looking after another advertising company who offers native ads . Any recommendation?

how good are their fill rate and ecpm?Maybe i would give them a try。

We haven’t use their services(and never will) since they don’t respond to the emails…

Hubbl has nice native ads and they are part of Airpush so they can be trusted

appnext offers native ads via our very easy-to-use API. Ping me or email me for more details.

For native ads, make sure you check out as you will have full control on the advertising experience and flexibility to create the best UX.

Support is around the clock via email or live chat and for critical issues we aim to respond within a couple hours.