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Avocarrot - feedback needed!

Hi guys,

I’d like to get your feedback on a new product we are developing to embed mobile ads inside streams.

My name is George and I’m the founder of Avocarrot, an app monetization platform dedicated to help indie app developers make more money with unobtrusive ads.

The new product is similar to the technology behind sponsored stories on Facebook and promoted tweets on Twitter. but it will be accessible to every app developer and fully customizable.

You can checkout the docs to help you get a better idea:

The benefits are:
a) new advertising inventory - you can keep your existing monetization solutions (interstitials, IAP etc.) and make additional money by serving ads at a place which before was not possible.
b) positive user experience - ads will be embedded naturally in the flow of your app and you can customize appearance, making sure your regular users will not be annoyed.

We are developers too and we know that to build a great product you need to get great feedback.

Our questions to you:

  1. When working with lists, do you use usually use ListView, ExpandableListView or both?
  2. When working with lists, do you use usually create your own adapter (by extending and overriding any of the available list adapters)?
  3. What kind of adapters do you usually use (or extend)? BaseAdapter, ArrayAdapter, CursorAdapter?
  4. Would you prefer fully customizing appearance using your own XML or drag-and-drop templates that are quick to integrate?

Any answers and overall feedback would be really appreciated!:slight_smile:


Attached is an example of the drag-and-drop templates for a quick reference



I would like to use Avocarrot SDK for include native Ads in my BaseExpandableListAdapter, is it possible?


Hi TylerDurden

The above post is to embed native ads inside streams but you can also include native ads in the BaseExpandableListAdapter with Avocarrot custom native ads.

You can see more here: or contact the technical support team through your dashboard chat if you want further help.