Avira desktop flagging StartApp

Since avira updated yesterday it is always flagging StartApp has being adware, getting tired of this crap. Realtime protection keep messing with my project whenever i compile, i had to add a rule to Avira Protection in order to ignore the working directory, and i thought StartApp was getting on good standing with Anti Virus companies with their clear Eula!

What do you want us to do ?

I have this problem today, after my bitdefender updated. My project with startapp sdk cannot be compile, cause detected as virus adware. I must turn off my antivirus too compile it. When i try to upload my apk file in google developer console my antivirus detect my apk file as virus too. This will be a bad news if we upload our apk file too others store like slideMe, opera apps etc, that could download apk file in their PC. Do you guys think startapp company could handle this? since now many ads that offer the same monetizing such as appwiz and starapp. This could be the end of startApp (:P)