August Admob Payment

Have receive your Admob payment this month?

Yes. I got it 2 days ago via paypal.

Anyone else via wire transfers?

No, nothing yet, but I normaly receive wire on late hours.

not by wire

Ok, i feel better now, waiting for monday.

Not yet by wire. If done on Monday, the transfer with more delay I can remember.

Yeah, didn’t received my wire payment either. Maybe Monday :slight_smile:

same for me

pls wait on monday… i thing about it :slight_smile:

not yet on me too, wait for monday but already 15 days passed.

Mine is wire transfer, not received yet

Nuthin recieved yet, it will be on moday I think. I h8 the net 45 :confused:

Same too,not received via wire

same here no wire transfer

I got Paypal on the 12th.

Hope money already on bank monday morning when i getup

Now is 11AM(19th) in My location. not received yet.

Me too … I got the Google Play payment but don’t yet receive Admob payment.

Wait monday US time :slight_smile: