Assist you on monetizing your apps

Adnovo is the new ads network, has 2 models SDKs, one is traditional in-app, another is out-app.

Our most disruptive one is the Rocket SDK, which is a new widget always accessible on the user’s screen. It generates extra revenues for you and can help you earn more than $1000 a day!

That widget is a useful tool for your users to optimize their phone’s memory. It’s light, fun to use, and it generates revenue for you every day.
On the other hand, we also have a widget that you can put inside of your app to generate advertising revenues without impacting your users’ experience. This is our in-app drawer.

More information you can view AdNovo: Out-Application Mobile Advertising.

If you are interested for any potential business apportunity, please let me know your availability and add my Skype: jason.qiu86. Thanks so much.

google will ban account by using your sdk?