[ASO] List of Keywords

Hello, everyone!

I want to introduce my new service, which collects keywords from Play Google’s auto suggest for ASO. I want to check the demand on this kind of service, so one keyword for you for FREE!

How it works:

  • Our programm parse all keywords from https://play.google.com/store/apps/ (It’s important, NOT from Books, Music or main page);
  • Check each keyword on Adwords KeyPlanner for the it’s volume;
  • Sort it with including keywords. For example, keyword “Apps for instagram likes” include keywords: apps for instagram, instagram likes. Except main keyword “Instagram”;

This service look like on http://keywordtool.io/, but my script parsing all keywords(not only first 5) and from Google Play(Not Google search)!

Supported languages: All, except arabian, hieroglyphs(Korean, Japanese and etc);
Supported countries: All, except Asia;

FREE, one person - one keyword for certain Country and Language - one list. I just want to check the demand.

PM and then Skype

Example of the part of report for keyword “Instagram” in Excel format: Screenshot by Lightshot