ASO - any suggestion?

I recently found this site:
That claims to make ASO. Does anyone have any experience with this tool? Or suggest something different?
Are they effective? The expense is not so high, 25$ can be afforded if this leads to an increase in downloads.
What do you think?

Well they seem to be pushing really hard from the look of their website.
Have a look at the graphic on the homepage and compare it with this:

They are basically lying on their homepage to make you think SEO is by far the biggest factor that affects downloads.

They are also displaying extremely popular apps and games like Angry Birds and Youtube, which makes no sense as they would never need SEO.
So they’re just using them to make developers think that’s the level of success possible through their system.

Now SEO is a big deal, especially in today’s crowded market. They may well provide a good service, but a website that lies to you to encourage use of their service isn’t a good start.

I guess the categories shown on that graphic are not mutually exclusive (App-promotion apps and In-App Ads for example), so it does not necessary have to sum 100%.

Well it does it you’re quoting “%”, otherwise it has no meaning.

Even if they were comparing “search the app store” with “family and friends” the graphical representations don’t = 100% by a mile (about 120%).

The only context where that graphic could make sense would be as a poll result or something.

Using % doesn’t mean that something is exclusive. On this chart every entry may have 0-100% cos someone may download one app by search and another by ad and that person will be ‘mentioned’ two times.

It does not matter how many excuses you make. Someone who does marketing as a professional should ALWAYS ensure they adhere to…

Rule #1:  DO NOT present data that could be interpreted in another way.

If they cannot get that correct on their own website… oh dear!

Well, provided that that site is scam, or could be so, and provided that it is not the only one, what do you suggest for a good ASO?
I started analyzing keywords and other things by my own, but I suppose that people that STUDY marketing have more weapons that I have. They may be subtle… maybe they could suggest me a different color of the icon or they have a better understanding of which keywords to use (and not choose just the most used)…
Or is it just a waste of money?
If a service is good, it could well bring a 2x on my downloads and the money would be spent well.

I guess it really depends on the niches you target and the quality of your apps.
There are many free services available like Apptimizer by - Analyze. Optimize. Get popular. or articles/blogs on it.
I’m sure investing some revenue in it is a good idea if you feel you need the ASO and you have a bunch of good apps.

Gonna get Gabriel @ App Store Optimization and ASO do see what he can do with Anagram Hero. Will report back.