Asking user for review in the app ok?

Is asking a user to rate your app allowed anymore? I was checking out some apps and this one poorly written app was ranked pretty high and had a ton of reviews. I downloaded it and as soon as you open the app, it asks you to rate it. Is this still allowed and does any one else do it?

Well, I would say over here that asking the user for application review is just okay! But I don’t think that is going to help you out because there are some people over the forums who review just to get review in exchange and I don’t think fake reviews are going to help you out in knowing where your application lacks and needs improvement. So, I’d keep stressing on getting genuine reviews rather than getting the fake reviews from the users.

It’s allowed to ask users to rate your app if you don’t promise to reward them for doing so. So ask them to rate your app if they like it, not because they will be awarded with extra coins, levels or they will unlock features in your app.

OK, I was thinking about adding it after they open the app 5 or more times so that I’m asking people who seem to like the app. I just have to figure out how to do it and then how to turn off the rating prompt after they rate it. It’s a double edge sword, I might get more reviews but I might also prompt people who don’t like it or get annoyed that I’m asking to rate it and get some lower ratings from users.

People are going to rate your app regardless since Google Play randomly prompts them to, and this is going to include many 1-stars from those who have already uninstalled it. Poking at players after a certain amount of matches is exactly what I do and from my experience it improves the average quite a bit… you just need to save a simple boolean variabile to remeber if you have already shown the dialog.

Also, be careful and redirect users to the correct market - pointing to Google Play is not allowed when you publish on Amazon or Samsung Apps.

One way to increase your app’s ratings through the rate box is to first ask users if they like your app. If they click yes, then kindly ask them to leave you a 5 star rating. If they click no, then kindly ask them to send you an email with their complaints.

I didn’t get that actually you will nicer get more reviews if the application keep asking the user for review one person can add only one review from one account yes they can upgrade and degrade the reviews but I don’t seem to get the idea how you are going to get the more reviews out of it, rather than people are going to get annoyed and you’ll ended up with lower ratings.

I would uninstall it if i got that question immediately, but it is allowed.

That’s why i would wait for a couple of runs first. The app I checked out prompted you to rate the app each time you opened it. Some of the comments made it sound like you had to rate the app before you can use it. The app sucks to be honest, it’s a live wallpaper theme and only one of the wallpapers has to do with the theme, the rest are random pictures. The thing is that it has tons of ratings and over a 3.8 * rating, but it ranks high.