[Armored] [Rally] [Racing] [Game] [Free] Armored Off-Road Racing

Armored Off-Road Racing is a wonderful battle rally racing game.

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I’ve had a look at your game and the graphics are really lovely. I do have a couple of points

  • The Loading screen explains how to play, but on my system it loaded quicker than I could read it, which meant I didn’t know how to accelerate or steer and all the other cars where gone on the first game. I suggest having that screen user dimisable
  • The weapons feel too low skill because they are all (even the guns) self targetting, I think it would be fun if guns fired straight forwards and missiles had to be “locked” to their target.
  • I never felt the need to press the brake, or in fact stop accelerating 100%. I think that means the car either needs less grip or more power.

Good luck with your game

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