Argghhh just got an app suspended

I uploaded an app today and it got suspended before going live.

REASON FOR SUSPENSION:Violation of the sexually explicit material provision of the Content Policy

The funny thing is that the application does not contain any content. It is a photo/video editing application.
Only sdk used is appbrain which is quite safe in general. I would have been extremely unlucky if it showed a sex ad
when it was tested by google.

I submitted an appeal, let’s see if they will take another look or just send me the typical response.

That is strange ,
Did they provided any specific detail?

How is it possible…?

I don’t know but my appeal was succesful. That’s a first:)

"[b]Thanks for contacting the Google Play Team.

We’ve accepted your appeal and your app has been reinstated. For the app to appear in the Play Store, you’ll need to sign into your Developer Console and submit your app again.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thanks for supporting Google Play![/b]"

Lol & wtf?

Maybe google bot thought a pencil was a ****,

Pencil = Pe-n-i-s … :stuck_out_tongue: hihi

Stupid Google bot…

Good you have it reinstated, doesn’t happen often:D

Any idea why this happened?

I think DroidGenie is maybe right. The application applies some sketch-like filter to photos.
It’s possible that the bot checker saw something sexy in one of my screenshots.
I can see something that could confuse it (with a bit of imagination) in one of them