Are those small banner ads worth having?

I have seen some pretty big games using them but from what I have heard they do not earn almost anything and people get mad when they missclick them. Which makes me think there is pretty much no reason to choose them over video ads / interstitials but still they are being used by games in top games so they must be worth the negativity…?

Banner ads still ern money, but it’s true they don’t make as much as other types of ads. I think it goes (in terms of least profitable to most), banner, interstitial, rewarded video, rewarded survey, in-app purchase. So banner ads aren’t as pofitable, but they are shown all the time. It’s still income. When your choosing ads for your app, you want to make sure it doesn’t annoy the piss out of your users. Banner ads don’t annoy people. Interstitial ever 30 seconds would.

I’m going to respectfully disagree that banner ads don’t annoy people. Size, location, and timing of the banner CAN annoy people, they are probably just the least annoying of the options available.

Basically, here’s my view. Small banners are very “safe.” But playing it “safe” doesn’t really make you a lot of money. I would do virtually any other format but at natural breaks or convenient moments to reduce the chance of annoying anyone.

But at the end of the day, they are ads. haha. Nobody is going to be happy! lol


“Safe” can still be smart. Don’t hate on the banner, man! :smiley:

it is estimated that maybe up to 50 percent of clicks are errant clicks

If they weren’t worth it, more an more ad networks wouldn’t be constantly working on bringing the best content via banner ads. They do work. Like mentioned above, placement is where players get annoyed. Sucks if they leave a review complaining, but more people will complain than praise anyway.

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FGL_Rozek, Is it possible for you to post on the forum without spamming your product in the post? I understand you work for them and this is part of your job… but geez… how about you give it a rest for a little bit.

Banners, like all ads, have a time and place.

As a user I’m not the biggest fan, but I’ve seen games, lie Color Switch, that do it reasonably well.

On the business side, it can definitely make sense. Number 1 should be ensuring your banners don’t interfere with gameplay (accidental clicks, load time, etc.). If you can’t pull them off during gameplay, there’s always menu screens.

The thing I’d stress more than anything is waiting until you know whether or not someone is a paying user, then slowly increasing the “aggressiveness” of your ad strategy.

A dev’s gotta eat, amiright?


Banner ads aren’t as profitable, however they are demonstrated constantly. At the point when you’re picking advertisements for your application, you need to ensure it doesn’t pester the piss out of your clients. Banner ads don’t pester individuals.
Banner ads still ern cash, however it’s actual they don’t make as much as different sorts of advertisements.

Yeah, I get a little overzealous.