Are review exchanges doing more harm than good?

Hi Everyone,

I have been on the Google Play store for 3 years now and learned a lot along the way (2 apps, $1400 a day, 18k downloads per day). I have noticed a load of threads asking for review exchanges. This involves installing the app, leaving a review and then i’m guessing in 99% of the times, the app is instantly uninstalled. The install/uninstall rate is monitored by Google and goes a long way to determining the ranking. So if you post a thread asking for exchanges and 20 people do the above - surely this will cause more harm than good.

I have done a lot of work with ASO and lots of testing. I would like to hear others comments regarding this method.

First post - glad to be part of the community.


i had this idea to make a topic with honest but positive reviews - 4-5 rate or nothing after trying an app. but still dont have idea how comensate ppl with shitty apps. if u would have an idea pls share.
anyway i have already about 20 reviews and dont see much harm. there are some organic downloads.

btw i tried gaining some good reviews and added button “support this app by rating it” and i got two 1s (dunno why, i wouldnt rate this app this low ) so u never know. there r lot of great apps with 1s, those ppl are crazy.

i wonder what if u pay ppl to honestly rate ur app. is that incentives?