Are other markets worth trying?

any of you getting significant downloads from markets other than Gplay?
Any suggestions for other markets to use?


They can be. I’ve tried Amazon and, Samsung and SlideMe. Two of my apps have done really well on Amazon at several different points, but mostly it was a waste of time.
Samsung are really strict on their approval process too it seems.
If you have a lot of competition in a niche on Google Play, you might have significantly less competition on a different store, but it varies.

Hi Mizizi,

I came across this site a few months ago:
CodeNgo - Self-Publishing Service for Android Developers & Publishers

This company can help you publish your app in many different app stores at once, helping you avoid all the trouble of actually doing it yourself. They seem to target all the major Android app stores. If you publish in all the big ones, that might be woth your while.

BUT… I don’t know the company, never worked with them and never talked to of anyone who used them, so it would be wise to find out more about them.

If you have time - publish on as many as you can but don’t expect any miracles. Samsung store is good to submit to to get all your bugs exposed thou;) they do a full review and send you videos and a list of what to change for your app to be perfect - free testing:)