Are Airpush/Leadbolt in-app SDK reported as Virus?


As most of you know, Airpush and Leadbolt SDKs are reported as viruses (from user point of view) because of push notifications. I didn’t use in-app SDK of both which is separated from notification SDK.

My question here: Are in-app SDKs reported as Virus?


airpush in-app sdk do not get reported as virus…

How can I download airpush in-app sdk separately without out-of-app sdk? I can’t figure it out on the website. I downloaded sdk but dr.web flags my app as malware with airpush - I use only banners

just download it from here
Airpush - Mobile Ad network | Push Notification ad network | Mobile Ads Redefined | Android app Monetization
make sure only ‘Include In-App Ad formats’ is checked before download…

Airpush in app SDK doesn’t get flagged as a virus or malware.

When adding app and downloading SDK in dev dashboard just de-select “out of app ad formats” and you’ll download the in app only SDK with no push/icon.