Appwiz stats are not updating

Hello guys and annie,
my dashboard hasn’t been updated from tomorrow ,it shows 0$ revenue and no installs but in app ads impression are showing and as always it is also at 0$.why it is happening can anyone help me ???

My stats show very low installs, it’s not true! It’s impossible that yesterday i’ve had only 100 daily installs when usually i’ve 500 ( and my app implement google analytics and yesterday I’ve had more than 500 new users ). I’ve written to anni on skype but no answer…

I talked to anni, she said they will fix the problem as soon as possible. The stat from yesterday till today morning wasn’t there yet.

and why doesn’t annie reply i have sent him many email and he replies to u ubeyou why???

I asked her 8 hours ago. Not sure what she’s doing right now.

Mine is just fine , normal . I hope they will fix for you and annie start to write here what is going on

My downloads drop from 1,000/day to 100/day. I asked Appwiz and they said it’s my fault. Sh*t, I will remove their SDK before Sep 20.

You still getting problems? Wasn´t the problem solved the other day? I do wonder why i never had problem with the stats?

@Steve: I have no idea too. Maybe my traffic comes from Asia? However, I gave up with Appwiz.

I don’t think is your fault…I’ve the same problem…Now the install number is lightly low but some day ago it was 10% of the usual install number…I hope they stop making fun of me

i will not use appwiz too

@alexandre and @Maurizio, what SDK version you guys are using? the old 1.4.8 or the new one? I am using the old 1.4.8 and my downloads have been always steady, for me and my brother. I have more varied traffic and his more USA traffic no problem what so ever. @Maurizio you have also traffic from Asia?

I am using 1.4.8 too and no problem

I’m using 1.4.9…I’ve traffic from Asia, I’m waiting for startApp hoping that they will solve antivirus flag…

I’m using 1.4.8.

I got mail from Appwiz

"Dear ****,

After reviewing your account performance and traffic sources we came to a conclusion that we can no longer work together with you using our PPD model (pay per install) and will be happy to continue monetizing your traffic using our Display in App ads tools only.

Starting Sep 15th please note that we will no longer pay for any PPD installs!

Note that all the revenues you are generating from our in App ads will be paid in full!

We appreciate your business…

So they decide to not pay for PPD and i am only using PPD . Revenue is normal but they wont pay anymore for that . They said you can just remove our sdk or disable your account . I think Appwiz is big scam

Today I try to log in my Appwiz account but I failed. It said “Your account is not active”. Hahaha Appwiz is really a big joke. Ok, it’s time to remove this sh*t.

I’m starting to get the feeling AppWiz won’t be around for much longer, at this rate. They seriously need to be more straightforward with their developers. The whole “we can’t pay PPD because of your traffic sources” is by far the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard from an ad company in a while, and it’s completely unacceptable that they don’t tell you ahead of time what their requirements are. If you want to work with them, you’re essentially forced to integrate on good faith and pray that your traffic is good enough for them.

Or they could just be reasonable, and pay less for the countries that they have problems monetizing, instead of abruptly stating “no more business with you!” out of nowhere. I guess that’s too much to ask, though?

The bottom line is, use Appwiz only if you have good traffic from US…

Hello Every one,
Wanted to explain a little about how we are working here at Appwiz, and remember that Appwiz are here to stay for the long run!

I understand your frustration, but please keep in mind that in order for us to be able to work with a developer, we need to ensure that it is beneficial for both sides. The quality of some of you developers traffic, in terms of the territories from which your downloads are focused, does not enable us to provide you with the PPD deal as discussed.

So at this stage, we would be happy to work with all of you on our Display Monetization formats (REVSHARE), but in terms of the Search Monetization (PPD), we will insist to stop the traffic.

If you have any other questions pls e mail me directly to : [email protected]

Have a nice day!