AppWiz Premium Ad/Offer Wall

Is anybody using these ad-formats at the moment? What kind of return are you seeing on them, put them in two days ago and am quite shocked at what I am getting.

Impressions: 7,061
Clicks: 398
CTR: 5.6%
Revenue: $0.39

This works out to be a cpm of $0.05, quite frankly I find that insulting. What are they thinking? And to make matters worse they’ve all decided to go on holiday until god knows when so I can’t ask a single person for help on this! Am I only the person getting this? Is it an anomaly? Share your results.

how is their PPD?

$0.05 US
$0.005 Anywhere else.

My eCPM is at around $0.60 for the in-app ads. However I did notice a drop lately, so they seem to be paying less than before. As if the PPD cuts weren’t enough. :frowning:

As far as I’m concerned the PPD is just a bonus I don’t mind too much that they are not as good as before, but they wanted us to implement the in app ads to get this, and we do that and this is the kind of eCPM we see? It just feels like a kick in the teeth from the people we are helping keep afloat!

I agree. I don’t expect them to have top-tier eCPMs since PPD payments are pretty good already, but the current values are just abominable. (last few days has been $0.30 and still dropping) And even worse is that some of their ads seem to be dating/sex related.

I’ve got for the last 2 days:

2,339 impressions
41 clicks
1.8% CTR
revenue: $0.00

For comparision, on the same app I’ve got Startapp interstitials also:

7,835 impressions
ecpm: $0.53
revenue: $3.27

And I think the Appwiz PPD rates when using in-app ads are:
$0.075 US
$0.01 ROW

I think those rates you quoted for PPD don’t come in for a few days. But that still does not account for the loss I am seeing on my admob now from having to switch to AppWiz in-app ads. I’ve gone from £80 a day to £45, lost almost half my income.

Yeah, we can see in-app aps are not their cup of tea in any way. Lots of threads around here complaining about them.

Yes the new PPD rates will be effective from 1st October. I am also not much concerned about their in app eCPM, i wouldn’t be using them if it wasn’t mandatory. My concern is that some of the ads they show are dating related.

Their PPD is still worth it for me. My in-app units are really variable in terms of eCPM. Hopefully we can get some input from Anni on here once their back in office?