App Security Service Pre-Launch Announcement


We are happy to announce a pre-launch of AppWatermark- a side project of, focused on, exclusively and only, Android apps security.

American Consumer Institute Report claims that 32% of TOP Android apps in Google Play in 16 categories have at average 19 vulnerabilities per app. Banking, ticket purchasing and travel apps included.

What does that mean? That most of developers don’t know how to deal with their app security or, what’s worse - don’t care, grudging their spare time and money.

We firmly believe that it makes sense - app developers are creators, not security specialists.

That’s why soon we are launching a one-click code-free APK protection solution that can solve if not all, then most of vital Android apps security issues. Android community has a long-time need for such mass-market solution, available for even smallest indie developers.

And you already can take part in it - submit your email and we will ping you when we launch, granting you the protection of 3 of your apps for FREE!

Also, you can leave your suggestion there of how much you are ready to pay for your app (an APK file),we will take it into consideration,we promise.

That’s right, we don’t charge for licenses, your traffic volumes, monthly or whatever. Just a one-time fee at the price of Big Mac and you can be sure that your app is safe!

So, what are we offering? Appwatermarkfeatures are:

  • protection from ads removal or replacement: no more losing ads money
  • protection from in-app billing removal: no more “modded” and “hacked” paid apps
  • protection from 3rd party SDKs injections: adware/malware/miners/viruses and others
  • protection from app cloning
  • backsmali injection protection
  • protection from reverse engineering
  • lightning fast and featherweight SDK
  • zero impact on battery life
  • installs and “hack” installs reporting

If that is something you are concerned about (and you should be), please leave your feedback at and we will send you an email once the project is launched,so that you could could secure 3 of your apps totally free of charge.

Best regards, Team

We would also like to underline, that our solution is not an alternative to obfuscation.

The main purpose of obfuscation is to keep apps’ privacy and sensible data safe. While Appwatermark’ SDK is aimed to protect an app from ads/billing removal,injections, modding and other kinds of interference.

Thus,our solution is fully compatible with obfuscated apps and it gives them an additional solid layer of protection, which obfuscation itself does not.

That also concerns our Addvertize’ SDK, of course.

We are happy to announce the BETA launch of our Appwatermark Android app protection service!

No more hacked and modded apps, removed IAPs, adware/virus injections, stolen intellectual property – and, in the end, wasted profit!

While in BETA, it is totally FREE to use without any functional or time limitations!

Here are some main features of our solution:

[li]No false positive virus detections
[/li][li]No Keystore or any other sensitive data required
[/li][li]“Drag&Drop” 15 seconds automatic integration
[/li][li]99% successful integration rate
[/li][li]Corona, Unity, Xamarin and other frameworks compatible
[/li][li]Compatible with most obfuscated apps
[/li][li]Protection from ads removal or replacement
[/li][li]Protection from in-app billing removal
[/li][li]Protection from 3rd party SDKs injections
[/li][li]Protection from app cloning
[/li][li]Backsmali injection protection
[/li][li]Protection from reverse engineering
[/li][li]Lightning fast and featherweight SDK
[/li][li]Zero impact on battery life
[/li][li]Installs and “hack” installs reporting

Commercial version is launching soon and it will have some extremely complicated SDK anti-removal technology. The price of the protection of one APK file will be $5, which is substantially cheaper (and way easier to use) than any of commercial obfuscators, which, in the end, do the same as out solution.

Meanwhile, all anti-injection/reverse engineering/modification features will stay the same as in the BETA version. That means that you can already use our solution for your app protection and be pretty much sure that your apps will be safe!

Please feel free to use our solution and tell your fellow developers about it. We are very much interested in the project to be successful, because, if it will, the Android notorious hacking, virus, phishing and other issues will seize to exist!

Ok, at least they will be minimized, which is already a lot :slight_smile:

If you want to test our solution – please check our blog here with some initial basic reverse engineering case study with the help of APKTool. Alternatively, you can simply try to add our ads with the help of our project, which, technically, also does SDK injections. Finally, please feel free to run your apps through VirusTotal just to make sure that our SDK is totally clean, Google Play or any other vendor compliant.

And, of course, we are happy to get your feedback about our project.