APPTUTTi – One fine solution to get your apps in the right marketplace

Where you have over a billion mobile users in a single country, it’s quite a challenge getting your app used widely across all the cities. The country we are talking about here is China. Getting into China market is THE job for all the mobile app developers because A) it’s a competitive market and B) it is a HUGE market. There is a lot more than just developing the app. Earning revenue through mobile apps is what you are actually trying to achieve.
APPTUTTi is trying to make that goal achievable by providing a platform where these mobile apps can be accessed by over 800 million mobile users, which is thrice the market size of America.
Initially, you need to get yourself registered so that you have a legit APPTUTTi account. This can be done in four simple steps through their RSPP program
1.Register: You do this by filling in all the related information about your company.
2.Submit: Submit the product APK and fill out the product details form
3.Plug: Plugin the SDKs for additional functional features
4.Publish: Publish your mobile apps
By following these steps, you become a partner of APPTUTTi community which offers you the best way to launch an app in China, making it available on all the top app stores and topmost publishing forums. Following a specific criteria, APPTUTTi is functional on the following grounds;
When you require business and technical assistance: The idea is yours, the code has to be written by you but all the necessary modification in business and technical terms are provided by APPTUTTi so that you integrate them in your product and make them the best fit to get a fantastic download rate.
When you need to carry out essential pre-launch activities: The customization service is provided by Deep Dive Customization Program. Once you register yourself with APPTUTTi and apply for DDCP, you get the following services:
1.Server Hosting
2.Getting into China market via promotions
3.Professional guidance
4.Options for publishing channels
5.Pre-Market testing
6.Mobile app accommodations
7.In-depth localization
Basically, you are required to agree to the strategies planned out for you by the APPTUTTi support team. You are not supposed to give your source code at any point of time but you are bound to follow what is being prepared for you – that’s part of the terms of agreement.
When you need customization in your mobile apps: Customization includes services related to SDK integration, app translation, Digital IP registration, custom app development, business consultancy, and product promotion.
APPTUTTi is an online portal which is offering all kinds of product pre and post launching services in exchange of an easy transaction via PayPal and credit cards. For two of these programs, payment can be made via China mobile account as well. Can you believe it is all being done with no boundary dependency? You sit at home and get all the assistance you need in the world. APPTUTTi, for sure, is a powerful platform for earning revenue through mobile apps. At some point, you might feel that you don’t need an assistance to give a rise to your product, but if you are playing with the Chinese market in literal terms, it’s not an easy job without a solid base and support. It’s eventually going to be worth the price you pay. APPTUTTi will help you earn more revenue for your app than you would single-handedly achieve.