Apps outside of Google Play

Do you have an app that you monetize outside of Google Play ?
What ad network do you use ? and how do you maximize your earnings ?

Hi Stewie,

Just an FYI at Phunware we accept apps outside of GPlay no problem, just need a valid link to the apk.
Unfortunately, the best way to maximize your earnings is to post your apps on as many markets as possible.
Not sure if you have seen this before, but here is my list of 3rd party markets. I recommend starting out with Amazon, Mobile9 and Samsung.
LMK any questions.

Phunware Nick

I published mine to Samsung Galaxy app store. I have 4 apps and get 3K installation daily.

I have 2 apps outside GP, I use Appnext to monetzie both of them, exclusively. Works great - $3-$5 eCPM.

3k installs /day from samsung store only?

Yes 3K only from Samsung Galaxy store. AppNext seems good. I will check that.

quality apps, quality games or spam apps? :stuck_out_tongue:

Quality apps. Samsung tested apps carefully. I think Samsung store is better than GP in terms of quality.
Which store did you publish your apps? and how many downloads you get

Google Play only, now I have 3k/day also ;/ to get back into business I need 30k /day

Mobile9 seems to charge a subscription now in order for you to submit android apps. 30 USD per yr, not too much, but still you need to pay to be there nowadays.

I still think it’s worth it.

Ok, I think I need to look into it again.

I have around 10k daily new installs and 100.000 daily active users with over 7 million installs in the last two years .
All from my website and some SEO and social media techniques.
And this is the main reason why I didn’t want to start again using Google play , even though my ban was just because of using airpush notification ads

Impressive man, very impressive, it seems that you have own Google Play^^. Can you show us your website? Social media? You pay for social media ads? :expressionless: Nice :smiley: