Appodeal's Shady "Optimization" Boost

A Concern
Numbers out of nowhere
**and vagueness

As we all know, Appodeal says it will take part of an ad’s eCPM only if it is successful in boosting the eCPM.

Sounds great at a glance. But what do they really mean by that?

First, we must understand the low-level basics of Appodeal.
**(simplified and assuming top ad is shown)
1. Ads are requested to various ad networks
2. Prices are compared
3. Top paying ad is displayed
4. % of Boost -> Appodeal; the rest of profit -> User

But wait. Where is this Boost coming from?
How is the Boost in eCPM calculated? The fundamentals of the Boost are never clearly explained.
What is it referencing that was increased.
You cannot have a boost in something that isn’t definitively there.

Trying to find an answer
*Preface: The images about to be shown are of me chatting to Appodeal’s live support team.
*****I am not logged in at the time due to anonymization concerns
*****In certain messages I act as if I am a promising new customer in order for a greater chance on getting them to spit out some answers.

Before the live support, I checked out almost their entire FAQ section; no luck; just vague explanations with enticing words to make it sound promising.

Once I got on the live support I thought for sure they would be able to clarify things for me. Unfortunately things became very unsettling. As I tried to get an answer to a simple question: “How is the eCPM Boost found/calculated”, it became apparent to me that they did not want me, or anyone else to know this fundamental part of their payment distribution.

Here are some chat logs:
Low Bandwidth (compressed):
High Bandwidth (full resolution):

With all of this being said, my reason for this post is not to discourage people from using Appodeal.
I simply want to provide people some insight into what I have discovered.

In complete absence of a quality answer on behalf of the specifics pertaining to the Boost Optimization, I personally will no longer be using Appodeal and plan on implementing a mix of ad networks on my own.

If anyone that works for Appodeal or feels they could shine some light, please respond. Appodeal was intriguing and I got modest results; however and unfortunately, I cannot continue with them at this point due to this dilemma.