Appodeal showing no ads at moment ?!

I think since some hours appodeal is not showing any ads in my app …

Anyone having the same issue ?

Yes, we have too.

I see ads in my games but the dashboard is not updating.

Ads are showing for me, and dashboard is updating too.

Dashboard is now updating but doesnt show clicks from admob, also number of impressions much lower than normal.
Admob shows normal revenue, meaning there is a problem with appodeal reporting.

Since july 13 impressions have dropped by 30%, but DAU has remained the same, i dont know what is happening

Banners have stopped showing in my apps.

I don’t want to jump the gun because I just got back into apps and am not getting many installs but what problems are you having. I have tested many of my apps and a lot of the time a little progress bar spins for 5 seconds then no ad shows up. I have many apps now that have 20+ installs in the first few days and have shown around 5 impressions each. From my experience these apps usually get 6-7 impressions per user instead they are getting around 0.25. Is this normal? Should I leave Appodeal or be patient. Again my sample size is not large. Only 250-500 installs.

Appodeal seems to show less ads than usual for me too.

Hi all.

My name is Mary and I’m on the marketing team at Appodeal. I’m in close contact with our support team.

I have shared your comments and concerns with them. I’ll report back with a solution ASAP.

Maybe it is an SDK problem. My apps are in Unity3D, what about the rest of you?

And Video ads work 100% of the time which tells me it’s likely not a fill rate problem.

Hi guys.

I checked in with the support team. We aren’t having a global issue with ads showing so it appears something else must be going on. Please head to our support chat. It’s the best way to explain your issue 1:1 and get it resolved fast. Do keep me up-to-date if you’re not able to connect with someone on the support team.

I am also using unity 3d sdk 1.14.14.The latest sdk is 1.14 15.
My problems started on july 14.

Have you ever seen a non Admob interstitial. I feel as if it tries loading something other than Admob it doesn’t work.

I see Startapp interstitials and appodeal marketplace loading fine, but banners have problems for me, they dont get refreshed, the same banners stays on the screen and stops animating until you close the game.

Hello! :slight_smile:
This is Roman from Appodeal support. Could you clarify your email adress of Appodeal account, please? We’ll check your apps asap.
Also if it possible, contact us through chat in web-site or our email: [email protected]

You can get last Unity SDK version here:

Also we need to know your email adress for check your app. If it possible, contact us through chat on web-site or email: [email protected]

Hello! This is Roman from Appodeal support. You can get latest Unity SDK 1.14.15 here:
Also could you clarify email of your Appodeal account or contact to us through chat on website or email: [email protected] and we’ll check your apps asap.

Hi Appodeal2016. Are you still having trouble?