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Appodeal Balance disappeared

My appodeal account balance was at $82 and when i logged in it was gone shows 0 for account balance. I never cashed out my earnings so not sure why it is 0 now. Last payment was july 13th.

I also got massed spam emails 48 to be exact saying payment was processed. Are other people having same issues?

I never do anything fraudulent so my earnings should be safe, but somehow disappeared. It seems maybe Appodeal is turning into another Notifymob.

There are always dumb **** pricks out there that ruin everything for rest of us legit developers that actually make real apps.

Same here, dunno why, totally confused…

WHAT? GUYS LOOK AT YOUR APPODEAL DASHBOARD! I received email from Appodeal with 14 request payment! What the heck is this?! But no payment history for that request payment? and half of my pending earning was GONE! I checked my account 5 hours from now i have $600+ but now only $350 left!

Ok my balance has been restored so check again. maybe server migrations caused it to temporarily disappear. and the people that defrauded them can get the **** off these forums, you dont belong here. These forums are for legit developers not scammers and fraudsters.

Lets be honest 90% of this forum is involved in illegal activities. Its a shame that this forum even exist still.

Hi, my balance has been restored also.

I just noticed Notify is no longer loading. It is not like I had some accumulated money there, but due to busy days I had not noticed something happened with them.
Any idea what it was?

It was a temporary glitch.

I don’t know what to tell you guys, but it sounds suspicious.

what do you mean by that?

Do you have another better option?

It does not mean that bunch of assh***s will spred shit here and other real developers will run away from here and leave this forum for them as open field.

this forum has still full of meaningfull threads and helpful for newbies and others.