Appodeal ads not showing up

Integrated Appodeal in one of my app but ads are not showing up. I implement ads using a static class and than call the initialisation and display methods.
This helps in keeping all sdk codes in one place. for example

in, I have a method for initialising and showing Appodeal ads, among others.

public void initAppodeal(Activity act){
Appodeal.initialize(act, “mysdkkeyforads”);

public void showAppodeal(Activity act){,Appodeal.INTERSTITIAL);

Now from my activities I call


But nothing shows up.

I use this method for AdMob, Airpush, MiniMob, MobileCore and others and those ads show up.


Send me your apk and possibly source code.
I will help you out.
My email is [email protected]

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