Appnext VIDEO is here!

Hi developers,

We have released a new version of our SDK, which is a video SDK. Our tests showed an eCPM increase of at least 20%.

This is how our new interstitial looks like:
Video SDK.jpg

Staying true to the Appnext interstitial look & feel:

  1.   Clean.
  2.   Video on top.
  3.   Full details of the promoted app.
  4.   3/6 more apps promoted on the bottom. 
  5.   The video will be auto-played.

One more and very important thing to mention - there is an option to make it the video rewarded for your users. So yes – rewarded video is now available as well.

Any questions about this – ask or PM me. And when you go live with our video, be sure to email me about it. I want to keep close track of your performance!

Let’s make more money!

@jonathan - what’s the difference in the SDK, in terms of weight? My main concern is that it will slow down my apps.

Good question.

Actually, since all the videos are loaded from the server, the new SDK is actually lighter. And it certainly does NOT slow down your app :slight_smile:

Sounds good! I’ll definitely give it a try.