Appnext Payment May

All have received your payment May? I not yet received my payment and tried to contact my account manager more got no answer… :frowning:

Hi there,

Payments are usually processed until the 10th of every month; Please check again on Monday

Let me know if you’ve any other questions and I’ll be happy to help!

Argyris from Appnext Team

I got this email

i’m not yet received bonus


2 things:

  1. From what I know, there is a slight decrease in payments this month. So, we are planning to have all payments completed within the next 2 days. I apologize for this inconvenience. If there is one thing we aim to be perfect in - it’s payments.
  2. Bonus will be paid to anyone we is in title top (meaning, new comer or someone who earned more in may then in April, and of course wrote an email to support and asked for the bonus).

Please be patient. If anyone already received payment but not the bonus - contact me.

I understand you are requesting your bonus for May. Unfortunately you did not request it on time. The bonus round for April- May has already expired. On the other hand you can be eligible for our June round depending on your earning stats, but ONLY after you have updated all the url links to your apps so that we can see how you are monetizing with us.

Please inform me once you have updated all of the url links.

Thank you and I will be awaiting your response,

I hope this is just a joke?

It’s not a bad joke, just a mistake.
Please contact me on Skype and I’ll explain. At any case, you will get the bonus for April.

In my case I wrote to support about the bonus before the month end. But I didn’t get the bonus with payout. Then I wrote to support about it and they just sent me my bonus right away. So everything ended just ok. They are much better than startapp (they didn’t give me bonus and they don’t respond)

I have received payment but not bonus. I have contacted Jonathan and my account manager about this, waiting for a reply.

Hello jonathan, sorry for another question, currently the minimum payment is 20USD or 50USD?

If you are using PayPal - it’s $20.
If you are using wire transfer - it’s $200.

Hello Jonathan, as I have not received the payment was wondering if everyone has received their payments?

Helloo jonathan;
I have not received payment May 2016 and I’ve sent an email to [email protected]

I have not received the payment May I was informed by Jonathan that all payments have been made and I contacted the support I am awaiting response …

why is my account banned. when I apply for a payment in 2016 may not be paid by appnext. and I submit payments on the 15th that should have been paid on the 10th, but Jonathan said appnext month payment is late. whether appnext unable to pay its members so that my account banned. the reason my account violates the TOS.

by reason of member account violates the TOS.

There has been a very big delay in payments this month. Longest delay in the history of Appnext. By now, most of the developers are paid but there are still some that may not.
Appnext is a self funded company, so there is no problem with our cash flow, we do have a problem with manual payments for over so many accounts. We started payments very late this month, which is why there is such a huge delay.

This, of course, has nothing to do with banning accounts that violate our T&C.

I want to apologize to all of you for the delay in payments.

Hay Jonathan…
whether all members appnext payments in May has been completed …?
because, there is one month of my account payments may not be paid with appnext …

I Send emails to support dozens of time and didn’t get reply if i get paid i need transaction code as it didn’t appear in my account log … !

Why is the delay


So far I have not received my payment, I contacted support as requested and so far not received any information or if I do not receive…

PM me on Skype and let’s sort it out.