As a Christmas present from Appnext, we are excited to Double any additional revenue you make in December, using our intestitial SDK.

How it works?
Appnext will double the extra revenue generated this month with our Interstitial SDK as compared to the revenue you got in November. You can use your existing interstitial but we strongly recommend to download our newest SDK version.

developer made $100 in November, using Appnext interstitial. Then he makes $300 in Decemeber. The difference is $200, so we’ll double that. This means that the developer will make $300 (regular earning) plus $200 (which we dounled) - Total of $500.
The bigger the difference is, the bigger your bonus is. If you are a new developer or haven’t made any earnings in Novmber, it’s easy for you - we’ll simply doube ALL your revenue.

You can use it for all your apps so consider integrating it to your other apps (both Android and iOS) to maximize the bonus.

Make more money, let Appnext double the difference, and, most importantly, have great holidays!

[li]Eligibility - Appnext publishers, running Appnext Interstitial SDK as an app recommendation unit. The app discovery method should be strictly non-incentivized. A publisher can get the Bonus only once.[/li][li]Bonus Period - [/li] Android. The “Start Date” - Dec, 1st 2014, the “End Date” – Dec, 31st 2014
iOS. The “Start Date” - Dec, 1st 2014, the “End Date” – Jan, 31st 2015
[li]Bonus Structure - Appnext will double any extra revenue generated during the Bonus Period compared to the amount generated in November 2014. For the new publishers or the ones who have not integrated Appnext Interstitial SDK before, the total revenue generated during Bonus Period with Appnext Interstitial SDK will be doubled. The Bonus Amount cannot exceed $10,000.[/li][li]Payment - The monthly results will be evaluated based on Appnext reporting data. A publisher is required to alert Appnext at the end of Bonus Period to claim the Bonus.[/li][li]General - Appnext Platform reserves the right to pause/terminate the Bonus program in its sole discretion. [/li][/ol]

So in ur example amount paid out to developer will be $700 or $400?

In my Example, for December, the developer made $300 in total. so, he will receive $300 plus the $200 difference (that we doubled) - total of $500.

@jonathan can you tell me what’s new in the new sdk? I just updated my apps end of november and it would take a lot of work to update again, is it ok to just stick with the last version of the appnext sdk? will my earnings be affected if I don’t update?


The new SDK has some bug fixes, is Lollipop compliant and should generate a better eCPM due to a few other mminor algorith changes, but I understand that it’s a lot of work for you. So no problem - keep going with the old SDK. You will still get all these bonuses.

If and when you have some free time on your hands, I recommend that you upgrade the SDK.

Hi Jonathan!

If I earn $50 in November and $400 in December, so how much will I get? Can you make me clear?



You made $400, so naturally you’ll get them. In addition, you’ll get the difference between November and December, which is $350.

Total for December - $750.

Just take the difference between the months and add it to your earnings. Clear enough? Please tell me if not, I’ll explain again. It’s a pretty awesome promotion :o

One of the best promotion out there. No other network even closer to that promotion. I mean all others till now focusing on impressions but appnext is focusing on money earned so its unique.

I think because u mentioned 2x earnings in OP so people got confused a bit.

great bonus! Any chance bonus can be extended to 31st Jan same as iOS?

Hi Jonathan
I am pretty clear now :smiley: It is an awesome promotion. But it seems not fair enough for the End period for Android Dev, right? :smiley: It would be more awesome if the end period is extended to Jan just like that of iOS dev.



Does anyone tried new SDK?
I just changed AppnextSDK.apk file, but on Appnext appnext = new Appnext(this);
it throws exception “java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘long’ on a null object reference”.

Hi @stoianp,

Problem solved. Please download the SDK again, it should be fine now.

To all of you -thanks for the kind words (especially @javaexp, @bradolh, @fundev)

I’ll try to make this promotion last longer, but the reason we gave iOS developers 2 months and not 1 month (like we did for Android developers), is that it takes much longer to update an iOS app in the appstore. the original plan was a 1-month promotion.

I’ll do my best, but don’t count on it. I suggest you go live ASAP so you can enjoy the bonus.

Thanks a lot!

Problem solved. Please download the SDK again, it should be fine now.

Wow, truly a great promotion. I must say, Appnext is on the right track.

Just don’t fu*# up now…

if two month, worth a try

the new sdk is giving exception
“java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘long’ on a null object reference”.
on this line
Appnext appnext = new Appnext(MainActivity.this);

See comments above - it was fixed. Please download the SDK again and try. If the problem remians - ping me ASAP.

Nice sharing…

New SDK is nice! Good results, at least so far