Appnext new SDK - 1.5c PPD Worldwide + CPI!


Would love to get your feedback on our new PPD / CPI payout model and INVITE you all to join!

In case you missed it here:
Our new payout model is:

  1. Every impression offers the user an app to install instantly or later by sending him an email - payouts are $.2 - $3 per install. 100% fill rate in all counties, hundreds of apps advertised.

  2. When closing the ad, each user get a chance to opt-in to a new homepage or apps newsletter, opt in to both pays 1.5c in EVERY COUNTRY (!)

  3. If declined, the user would be offered again in few days.

Our effective revenue per user is higher than 5c, worldwide, over time.

Feel free to join!

@jonathan : Thanks for your new offerings. However, I’m still not clear with your payout model & would like you to clarify these following questions:

  1. Do you pay per impression ?

  2. Do you pay per download & how about the rate of your PPD model ?

  3. It seems that AppNext is a Cost Per Install based ad network more & less similar to AppFlood. Am I right ?

  4. Is there any mechanism to filter the ads - gambling/pornography ads ?


Sure, here are a few answers to your questions:

Just an update:
From the first 3 days of the implemnetation of our new SDK, our publishers (that are using the new SDK) saw an average %230 increase in revenues (and eCPMs).
Its going very well.

@jonathan, looks like you messing up the terms PPD and CPI. PPD is when you pay us for every install of our app. CPI is when we bring a download for the apps/games in ads.
All I can see is number of installs in the dashboard which is definitely about CPI. If our app is unable to bring install to the advertised app, you pay us only few cents per 1000 impressions (with CTR being 5%)

Am I right?


You might be right. Thing is, the solution we offer is new, so let me be clearer:
Our solution is a standard Rev sahre (or CPI) with the developer. It’s not PPD in the sense that we don’t pay you for each download of your app. But its similar to PPD because even those who do not engage with the ad can still make you money.
the registration rate for the homepage update and the email subscription are higher than 5%. much higher. That might change in the future, but for now - that’s the reality.
Also, the fact that we offer the user to send the offer to his email and install the app later - that alone increase the amount of installs and your eCPM dramatically.

I hope this made the issue clearer. I’ll stop using PPD :slight_smile:

I was updating Appnext’s sdk and I found this “surprise”:

<uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.INTERNET” />
<uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE” />
<uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS” />
<uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.READ_CONTACTS” />
<uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.READ_PROFILE” />
<uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE” />

<service android:name=“com.appnext.appnextsdk.DownloadService”/>

Seems too intrusive for user, removing your sdk.

Shame it is not real PPD… Could be good offer.

Hi byivan,
The added permissions are requested in order to register him to the email subscription, for which you are getting paid. We are not using it to take advantage of the user in any shape or form.

I can elaborate on each permission, if you’d like. But the bottom line is that the user is not at risk, and our ads are not too intrusive.

I would say it’s better than PPD. This is a real model that is google complient. You are paid for an action that the user does. Both sides create value from it, which is how it’s meant to work. And the eCPM is very high. Try and see for yourself.


Thanks for two things:

  1. Your effort in filtering out unnecesarry ads on my apps.

  2. Your quick response on NoClassDefFoundError’ error when trying to integrate AppNext’s SDK by releasing a fixed version TODAY !

Hope that we could build up a good ‘KARMA’ between us towards achieving better monetization prospects.

Thanks again


UMMUFAHMI SOFT [ Tapcontext’s Featured Developer ]

I appreciate it! Hope it you see good revenue from it. That’s the ultimate test, in the end.

Could you post here the solution for everyone?:slight_smile:

Just download a new SDK from APPNEXT’s website.

Hi all,

What er are noticing these last few days is that a big portion of our developers are putting are new interstitial during the loading of the app, so they are actually paid almost for each install. This is as close to PPD as we can get. and the numbers are still high. Working on a case study to provide more details.

Why anything is not mentioned there on your website about this new PPD model ?

What about Appwalls? i mean i have a “more games” button, using Chartboost i get between 5$-10$. i think i’m wasting my +25k impressions plus they have a 300$ minimum.

Hi bhavin,

Sadly, you are right. We are working on a brand new site, which will ready in about 2 weeks. It will have all the relevant information. In the meanwhile, I’ll try to update our current one with the relevant info about our new SDK.

What is your payment term? net30?

Oh no… we do net 10 :slight_smile: